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Beagle Pup B121 SE-FGZ 1969 – Factory built on Exp

  • Beagle Pup B121 SE-FGZ 1969 – Factory built on Exp
  • Beagle Pup B121 SE-FGZ 1969 – Factory built on Exp
  • Beagle Pup B121 SE-FGZ 1969 – Factory built on Exp

AIRFRAME: Low Wing, 2 seat Cabin, this Beagle Pup B121 series 1 built by Scottish Aviation approved for minor aerobatic manoeuvres and Night Qualified (NQ). The aircraft is X-classed, in good condition and well maintained. Hangered. Exterior yellow 6/10 and interior 6/10.
The aircraft has been on Swedish register since 1969-11-07 when sold as factory new. Former registration G-35-102. Technical journals complete since new, log book 1-6 missing, log book no 7 from 1992 to present date.

SERIAL NO: B121-102-1330
TOTAL TIME: 4 850 hrs
C of A: ARC valid until 2024-09-30

ENGINE: Rolls-Royce 0-200A 100 hp s/n 24-R-74. TTSO: 250 hrs (2012) TBO: On condition
PROPELLER: McCauley 1A100 s/n G-342, Overhaul at Holmstad 1990-03-07 TTSO: 250 hrs. TBO: On condition

King KX-160 Com/Nav
Becker AR3201 Com
Narco AT50 Transponder mod S

2 Place Intercom
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
MTOM 725 kg
Empty Weight 527 kg
Useful Load 198 kg

Name: Lars-Christer Andersson

Phone: 0707305212

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Sweden

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2024-05-26

Price: 33000 EUR

Backcountry Super Cub Rev.II

  • Backcountry Super Cub Rev.II
  • Backcountry Super Cub Rev.II
  • Backcountry Super Cub Rev.II

Backcountry SuperCub Rev. II.
The Experimental Super Cub kit was imported to Norway in 2016. For those who know Super Cub’s and want a robust STOL performance Cub that can easily handle off airport landings, this is it. They are very popular in Alaska because of the well-known quality in these aircraft.

With a gross weight of 2400 pound, you can add 3 adults and full fuel (48 gal.) before you pass your limit of CG and gross weight. In light weight configuration with help from slats and vortex generators, the stall speed can be as low as 19 mph.
Matco wheels and 3-calipper heavy brake system will stop the Cub.

All fabric is done with Superflite 102. Everything is primed and painted with Superflite, except, ailerons, elevator, rudder and stabilizer. The Boot cowling and cowling are fitted, side windows and doors are fitted, carbon floor and interior panels are fitted, flying wire and pulleys in fuselage and wings are installed.
In fact, there are very little work left to get this monster Cub airborne.

Parts invested besides what is included in the kit is together with additional pictures described in these links:

The total cost for these parts is USD 45.359
From the list it can be mentioned:
Whirl Wind 200A-F Constant Speed Propeller
WWA-P920 Governor
Powder coating.
TK 1 Racing shock monster suspension system
31’’ Alaskan Bushwheels
Monster shock tailwheel suspension.
Baby bush wheel
Carbon fiber floor, roof and side panels.
Cowering system with paint.

The engine in the pictures are not included.

I hate the thoughts of letting it go, but there is simply to many projects at the moments that need to be completed.

Price is USD 87.000, or best bid.
For your information, one Backcountry Super Cub was recently sold in USA for USD 329.000. The kit price at the factory starts at USD 95.835.

The location of the kit is close to Oslo, Norway.
Please only serious inquiries. For additional information of the kit, please visit the Backcountry Supercubs website:

Name: Bjørn Roven

Phone: 90173360

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Heggedal, Norway

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2024-04-24

Price: 87000 USD

SF25C Experimental Rotax 912

  • SF25C Experimental Rotax 912
  • SF25C Experimental Rotax 912
  • SF25C Experimental Rotax 912

Rotax 912-UL2
Year: 1973
Experimental from 2009
Transponder: King KT 76A Mode C
Radio: Funke ATR 8.33MHz
Empty weight: 412kg
Gross weight: 610kg
Fuel capacity: 44l

VNE: 190km/h

VNO: 150km/h

VS0: 62km/h

Cruise: 160km/h 12l/h

Climb: 5m/s

Name: Kristofer Swärd

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Dalarna, Gagnef

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2023-11-18

Price: 25000 EUR

Försäljes: Cessna 152 II

  • Försäljes: Cessna 152 II
  • Försäljes: Cessna 152 II
  • Försäljes: Cessna 152 II

Till salu: Cessna 152 OH-COA

Total flygtid: 8920h

Motor: Lycoming O-235-L2C, 2100h efter grundrenovering Slick magneter.

Propeller: 840 h efter grundrenovering (år 2020), 1160h kvar.
Petersen Mogas STC


GNS 430 8,33 kHz GPS/NAV/COM
GTR 225B 8.33 kHz COM dubbel övervakning
Trig TT31 Transponder ADS-B Out
GMA 340 Audio panel
2x Garmin G5 MFD
GMU 11 Magnetometer
GAD 29 Nav data Interface
Garmin GSB 15 dubbel USB-uttag

7/10 inuti
7/10 yttre

Pris: 49 500 € (momsfri)

En ren och snygg arbetsmaskin för utbildning, timinsamling eller bara för nöje. Allt fungerar i detta flygplan. Underhåll och luftvärdighetskontroll utförs av CAMO/PART-145.

ARC giltigt t.o.m. 20.5.2024.

Möjlighet till byte mot C172 eller PA-28-140/150 eller motsvarande.

Hangared, flygplanet är placerat på Tampere-Pirkkala flygplats (EFTP).

Name: Jani Hintikka

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Tampere, Finland

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2023-10-16

Price: 49500 EUR

JODEL DR1050 Ambassadeur fabriksbyggd

  • JODEL DR1050 Ambassadeur fabriksbyggd
  • JODEL DR1050 Ambassadeur fabriksbyggd
  • JODEL DR1050 Ambassadeur fabriksbyggd

SE-XGG ”Galanta Gustav”
Factory built by SAN France 1962
Country: SWEDEN

TT 2346h, good condition –
Under Swedish X-reg since 1985
3 seats or 2+2
Ideal för timebuilding due
to low fuelconsumption 20lit/h
Runs on AVGAS 100LL / 91-96
and also MOGAS
Fuel fuselage front 55 liter +
fuselage rear 55 liter +
Possible extra fuel 20 liter
Gives a total of 130 liter!
Cruising at 100 knots
Short Take Off and Landing STOL
Engine Continental O-200, 100hp 20R962
671h SMOH, 1129h remaining
Alternator: 12 Volts B&G Speciality low weight
Magnetos New Slick
Propeller Hoffmann HO-14- 170 S 133 139h
since NEW installed 2012 Speedprop

Interior Blue 9(10)
Exterior White/ blue stripes 9(10)
Weights Basic Empty Mass BEM 393 kg,
Max Take Off Mass MTOM 750 kg

Avionics: NEW XPDR mode-S Trig TT-31
ADS-B out visible in FlightRadar24
NEW COM Trig TY96, 8.33 kHz spacing
Remarks This plane is really good for low budget long distance
trips. 362 kg payload with full fuel (130ltr)
with possibility to use MOGAS
cruise 100 kts on 20-22 ltr fuel
High cruise due to speedprop

Price 550000 SEK, NO VAT

Hög tillsatsvikt 362 kilo, STOL
Ekonomiskt reseflygplan med 100 knops marchfart,
förbrukning 20-22 l/tim,
Kent Sylvén
eller 0705-366905

Name: Kent Sylvén

Phone: 0705366905

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Spånga

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2023-07-12

Price: 550000 SEK

Cessna 182 skyline

  • Cessna 182 skyline
  • Cessna 182 skyline
  • Cessna 182 skyline

Low Time Aircraft for sale
This is a real 4 seat Aircraft whit good prestanda and Perfect airplane for Cross country flight whit family,friends or business,its a good looking airplane, well maintained in good technical status with mandatory SB and AD updated. Cessna Corrosion inspection completed 2018-07-27

Modell: cessna 182k skyline 1967
Total time:2700 hrs
Arc vaild until 23-10-13
Few owners and Always hangared

Engine:Continental O-470R, S/N131376-5-R.
Last Engine OH 2020-08-14 by Loma Air

TBO:1500 hrs
TTSO: 40 hrs

2018 new propp mc cauley 2 blade constant speed stored from 19-09-18 to 2020-11-23
431 days (Engine sent for overhauel).

2018: new magnetos and harness (slicks)
2018: new fuel cell long range fueltanks
2016:New carburator

New brakes and tire’s and lots of more is done on this beuty

2018 avionics update Garmin

Transponder:Garmin Gtx335
Radio:Garmin GTR 225A 8,33 kHz
GPS: Garmin 796 Aeria panelmont/air gizmo
equipt for VFR flight.

The reason I'm selling is that I'm looking for a seaplane

Sökord: flygplan

Asking for 1.500.000 SEK

Sent me an message or give me a phonecall
, speaks swedish and english

Best Regards /Jan

Name: Janne Ullmark

Phone: +46722387615

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Sweden Timrå

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2023-07-10

Price: 1500000 SEK

Vans RV6-A

  • Vans RV6-A
  • Vans RV6-A
  • Vans RV6-A

Proud to bring you this Vans RV6-A available for sale.
Van’s RV6A Tip-up Canopy Always hangared. 1996 1350Tim
Lycoming Engine 0-320-D1A 1350 Tim
Sensenich Prop (70CM759) 1350Tim

Dynon D10
Dynon autopilot and servos. (heading/heigth)
Altimeter Kanardia AH2
Speed US Gauge
Transponder Dendix King KT74 (Mode S Transponder)
Com ICOM A220
ELT 406 Artex
Kompas AirPath
Vertical speed ind Aerosome
Battery Concorde
Fire extinguisher Amerex
Electric Flaps
12V-power outlet
Interior 8/10
Two-tone leather - 4 points seats belts
Exterior 8/10
White/Grey/black line

Name: Michael Larsson

Phone: +46702455344

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Kungsbacka

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2023-07-06

Price: 73000 EUR

Ul flyg

Du som önskar flyga ul, flyger på Boglanda Öland.
Dan Österdahl
070 5229035.

Name: Dan Österdahl

Phone: 0705229035

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Borglanda, Öland

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2023-05-03

Price: Contact me

Bölkow Bo-208 Junior

  • Bölkow Bo-208 Junior
  • Bölkow Bo-208 Junior
  • Bölkow Bo-208 Junior

En i Tyskland lisensbyggd MFI-9 med lite rymligare cabin samt ökad tankvolym (100liter). Flygplan är i mkt bra skick, mellantid Rolls-Royce O-200 motor. Modern com-radio och transponder samt flarm.

Name: Ilmo Pietilä

Phone: +358505008800

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Vampula, Finland

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2023-03-08

Price: 28700 EUR

Polaris fib

Polaris Fib selges kr 60000,-Nok
Godkjent ifjor ny bensintank og radiator

Name: Magne

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Bergen Norge

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-10-23

Price: 60000 SEK

Fournier RF4-D SE-UYL

Normalklassad i orginalskick.
Ensitsig, ava-godkännd, med dokumenterat goda egenskaper.
Två ägare, första 1967 - 2017.
TT 1278, motoröversyn och uppgradering till 1385cc vid 1121h i England .
Trig 8,33 radio och Trig transponder.
Alltid noggrant underhållen. Flygtillstånd till Juli 2023. Kan ses på Youtube.

Name: Bo Lenander

Phone: 0708 551450

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Vellinge, Sverige

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-08-22

Price: 210000 SEK

Looking for a propeller

  • Looking for a propeller
  • no plane
  • no plane

I am looking for a towing propeller for the O-320 engine. Suitable propellers are:
* Sensenich 74DM6-0-54
* McCauley 1A170/GM 7452

Name: Matti Kuosmanen

Phone: +358447856364

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Kuopio, Finland

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-08-22

Price: Contact me

Polaris FIB am-fib trike

  • Polaris FIB am-fib trike
  • Polaris FIB am-fib trike
  • no plane

Latest model Polaris trike with new model lomac boat.
Rotax 582
Low hours
Carbon 4 blade prop
New inspection from 2022 with a 3 year no inspection period.
Includes custom made trailer.
Intercom system
Many spares
All in almost brand new condition
Located at ESTT airfield (20 mins south of Malmö)

Name: Simon Thirlwall

Phone: 0760124040

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Vellinge

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-08-02

Price: 120000 SEK

Cessna F172N

  • Cessna F172N
  • no plane
  • no plane

Fin Cessna F172N
Lycoming O-320H2AD
McCauley propeller
Ligger i CAMO
Säljes av Svegs Flygklubb
Se huvudannons på

Name: Stefan Johansson

Phone: +46761030706

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Sveg

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-07-30

Price: Contact me

cessna 182k

  • cessna 182k
  • cessna 182k
  • no plane

nyrenoverad maskin ring för mer info

new refurbished aircraft call for more info


Name: jan ullmark

Phone: 0722387615

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: sweden

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-07-19

Price: Contact me

Emergency Parachutes

  • Emergency Parachutes
  • Emergency Parachutes
  • no plane
2st parachutes.
Mars ATL -88/90
Nypris 20,000sek/ st
Selling both for 22,000kr
Tel. 0760124040

Name: Simon Thirlwall

Phone: 0760124040

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Lund

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-07-15

Price: 22000 SEK

SE-KSC SOCATA-TB9 Tampico. no 191 Year 1981

  • SE-KSC SOCATA-TB9 Tampico. no 191 Year 1981
  • SE-KSC SOCATA-TB9 Tampico. no 191 Year 1981
  • SE-KSC SOCATA-TB9 Tampico. no 191 Year 1981

Owner: Oskarshamns Flygklubb
Airworthiness: 30 aug 2022
Camo: 08Aerosystem AB Hästskovägen 20, 135 55 Tyresö, Sweden
Flight hours: 2395 h.
Engine: Lycoming O-320 D2A, 160 hk, TSO 482 h.
Propeller: Sensenic 74 DM6S8-0-61, time 778 h.
Radio: Trig TY-96, 8,33 MHz
Transponder: Narco AT 150, mode C.
Exterior: 5/10
Interior: 5/10

Name: Kenny Märs

Phone: +46 768 81 11 81

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Oskarshamn

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-07-08

Price: 55000 EUR

Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee

  • Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee
  • Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee
  • no plane

Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee Archer 1975 S/N 28-7505131.

This lovely Cherokee Archer benefits from a strong 180HP engine, avionics upgrade recently performed with Trig 8,33 Radio and Trig Mode S Transponder.

All ADs and SBs performed, incl wing spar inspection and full corrosion inspection without remarks.

Always under CAMO, in good condition, professionally maintained and operated.

ENGINE: Lycoming 0-360-A4A (79/79/80/80) S/N: L-35013-36E
PROPELLER: Sensenich 76EM8S5-8-60 S/N: 32622K
ANNUAL DUE: February 2023
ARC DUE: February 2023

Leather interior 6/10
Original paint: 7/10
Always hangered

Mode S Transponder Trig
8,33 khz radio Trig

Basic VFR+Night instrumentation

Aircraft currently flying and times will vary

Seller is: Söderhamn Aeroclub

Name: Thomas Eriksson

Phone: 0702341111

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Söderhamn

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-06-18

Price: 58000 EUR

Cessna 172/182 från 80-tal önskas köpa

Jag söker en Cessna 172 eller 182 i flygbart skick. Som sagt ska den vara fullt flygbar och ej något repobjekt.

Name: Carl Johan Schummeck

Phone: 0739292987

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Uddevalla

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-02-27

Price: Contact me

PA28 Archer II önskas köpa

Väl begagnad Archer II önskas köpa. Allt av intresse. Sliten i lack och inredning inget problem. Gammal avionik och/eller utlöpt motorgångtid inget problem.

Name: Christian Guldberg

Phone: +46 70 517 5127

E-mail: Send e-mail

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-02-24

Price: Contact me


  • KR-2S
  • no plane
  • no plane

Ca 80. % färdig. God dokumentation och skickligt arbete. På vingarna fattas bara finishen. Kroppen är i stora delar färdig, men motor och huv kvarstår. Alla flight controls, hjul och bromsar monterade. Ring för flera bilder och detaljer.
Sälgs pga flytt utomlands.

Name: Kolbjörn Seth

Phone: 0739815896

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Trelleborg

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-02-14

Price: 50000 SEK

Rans S9 Chaos

  • Rans S9 Chaos
  • Rans S9 Chaos
  • pdf logo

Ultralätt flygplan med möjlighet till aerobatic till en extremt låg kostnad och underhåll.
Flygplanet är i mycket bra skick
Motor Rotax 582 med fullt inverterat bränslesystem

Name: Hans Kylander

Phone: 0736423782

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Falköping ESGK

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-02-03

Price: 180000 SEK

Piper J-3

  • Piper J-3
  • Piper J-3
  • no plane

Flott piper J3 1944 til salgs i flott stand. Veldig liten gangtid på motor. Flotører og hjul og ski til salgs

Name: Stig olsen

Phone: 004794172320

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Norway

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-01-15

Price: 600000 NOK

Rally 180 T

  • Rally 180 T
  • Rally 180 T
  • Rally 180 T

Rally 893 180 hp.
Bogserkrok för segelflyg
Luftvärdig till den 11/2
Står i Sorunda / Nynäshamn.

För mer info ring Berndt Österholm 070 69 611 65

Name: Berndt Österholm

Phone: 070 69 611 65

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Nynäshamn

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2022-01-11

Price: 190000 SEK

Lancair 235

  • Lancair 235
  • Lancair 235
  • Lancair 235

Luftvärdig t.o.m 2022-05-31

Byggd: 1996
Lycoming O-235-L2C 214h SMOH
Prop: MT MTV-1-F/155-07: 64h SMOH
Slick mags

KING KMA 24H-70 Intercom panel
KING KX 155 Nav/Com
KING KI 203 VOR/LOC Indikator
Becker BXP6400 Mode S Transponder
Ameri-King AK-350 Encoder
Trig TY96 8,33kHz Radio
S-tec autopilot
Kannad Compact ELT

Mer info och bilder på förfrågan.
Byggd i Tyskland. All dokumentation finns.
Tidigare registrering D-EHAU

Name: Thomas

Phone: +46702341111

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: ESUM

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-10-11

Price: 405000 SEK

Aerobatic Biplane Steen Skybolt SE-XNT for sale

  • Aerobatic Biplane Steen Skybolt SE-XNT for sale
  • Aerobatic Biplane Steen Skybolt SE-XNT for sale
  • Aerobatic Biplane Steen Skybolt SE-XNT for sale

Unique 2-seat aerobatic biplane Steen Skybolt,
built by current owner.
One owner/builder only, aircraft as new with only
3.5 hours Total Flying Time !

Lycoming IO-360-A1B, 4 cylinder and variable pitch propeller & governor.
1266h SMOH

Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF
1778h TT
3.5 SMOH

COM King KY197 TSO

Navlights Whelen A490TDF

Aircraft has dual-controls
Aircraft is under Swedish EAA flighttest programme

An extra spare engine in parts can be included in sale.
Extra open cockpit kit can be included

Interior 10 (10)
Exterior 10 (10)

First come first served...

Owner Anders Hägglund
phone +46 705201109 mail

Name: Kent Sylven

Phone: +46705366905

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: ESSE Skå Edeby

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-08-30

Price: 800000 SEK

Flygplan UL-Rans S6ES

  • Flygplan UL-Rans S6ES
  • Flygplan UL-Rans S6ES
  • Flygplan UL-Rans S6ES

Efter långt velande så har jag bestämt att sälja mitt välbyggda flygplan då jag inte hinner med då jag har jordbruk och barn. Jag har själv byggt det färdigt ca 2010, har flugit totalt motor och flygplan bara 23 timmar. Motor Rotax 582 (blåtopp) flygutprovningen är inte klar ännu men alla dokument finns för att fullfölja. byggsatsen är köpt utav Matts Ekman i Alvesta då han är återförsäljare i Sverige. Säljes billigt 160000 kr.

Name: Ronny Hestrander

Phone: 0703671665

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Aneby

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-08-27

Price: 160000 SEK


New and used ones

Name: Pavel Ruzicka

Phone: 0734820501

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Bromma

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-07-28

Price: Contact me

UL Flygplan EV-97 Eurostar

  • UL Flygplan EV-97 Eurostar
  • UL Flygplan EV-97 Eurostar
  • UL Flygplan EV-97 Eurostar

Fabriksbygd 2003 som jag ägt och själv flugit sedan dess.
Luftvärdighetsbevis till 2022-04-20
Motor Rotax 912ULS (100 HK)
Flygplan och motor gångtid 813 tim.
Reduktionsväxel med slipper clutch gångtid 272 tim
Propeller gångtid 272 tim
Comradio Garmin SL 40
Transponder Microair T2000SFL Mod C
Hjulcowling på alla hjul
Två headset

Name: Bo Nilsson

Phone: 0705927233

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Klippan

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-06-23

Price: 275000 SEK

Ul Streak shadow 1995

  • Ul Streak shadow 1995
  • Ul Streak shadow 1995
  • Ul Streak shadow 1995

Kontakta Lars Gunnar Karlsson

Streak Shadow. Snällt flygplan med få flygtimmar och finfint skick. Mycket bra sikt då du sitter tandem och framför vingarna.

Årsmodell: 1995
Modell: Shadow D
Motor: Rotax 582, ca 160 Tim.
Marschfart: 159 km/h
Utrustning bland annat:
2 st headset
Dubbla tankar (55 liter totalt)
Landningsljus LED
Dubbla bränslepumpar
105 000 KR. ÅKERSBERGA, STO...

Name: Ulf Nilsson

Phone: 0739896110

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Haegersten

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-06-16

Price: 96000 SEK

X-klassad maskin köpes

Finns det någon ute i landet som säljer en flygfärdig experimentklassad maskin.

Name: Jan Stridsman

Phone: +46768074700

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Luleå

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-05-15

Price: Contact me

Ikarus C42B Champion

  • Ikarus C42B Champion
  • no plane
  • no plane

Champion= kolfiber, 2005 års modell, TT 1170 timmar
Rotax 912ULS, 308 timmar,(100HK med Slipper Clutch), utbytesmotor från Lycon 3/4 2015.
Duc propeller, ny installerad 23/3 2011, TT 690 timmar
Positionsljus på vingspets grön/röd/vit LED blitz och LED blitz på fena.
Hjulcowlig alla hjul.
Fallskärm Magnum 501 ny, inköpt 2020, 6 års intervall mellan upgrade. Totaltid 17 år .
Filser ATR 500 radio.
Transponder Filser TRT 800, mode S.
Fuel Cat, mäter bränsleförbrukning, tryck, spänning, genomsnittsförbruk av bränsle, och kvarstående bränslemängd.
Fartmätare km/kts.
Höjdmätare 3 visare.
Bank Indicator., och std. motorinstrument.
Elektronisk höjdtrim i spak.
Headset HME110.
Bagagebox. 70L tank.
Special design.
Underhåll, service av maskinen via Staffan Ekström KSAK kontrollant och tidigare teknisk chef EAA . Alla gummidetaljer utbytta vid 5 års service 7/6 2020. Maskinen är väldokumenterad och luftvärdig. För tekniska frågor kontakta Elltech, Finn Jonassen, mobil 0705832382.
Ägare av maskin: Urban Brink 070 2166872,

Name: Finn Jonassen

Phone: 0705832382

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Sundsvall

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-05-11

Price: 590000 SEK

Søkes: sideror til Motorfalke S25 1973 modell

  • Søkes: sideror til Motorfalke S25 1973 modell
  • Søkes: sideror til Motorfalke S25 1973 modell
  • Søkes: sideror til Motorfalke S25 1973 modell

Ønsker sideror til tidligere SE-UCM. OBS bildet er illustrasjonsfoto. Det siste bildet er aktuelt fly med gult i fargeskjemaet.

Name: Tor Steine

Phone: +4792884035

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Bærum

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-03-24

Price: Contact me

Piper PA-28-140

Piper PA-28-140 til salg.
Total tid: 3400:00
Motor: 1500:00

Name: Ragnar Landet

Phone: 47+ 90825635

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Elverum Norge

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-01-26

Price: 150000 NOK

Laser Acro-Z 230

  • Laser Acro-Z 230
  • Laser Acro-Z 230
  • Laser Acro-Z 230

1989 Laser homebuilt in Norrköping Sweden.
Aircraft TT 327 h, Engine SMOH 0h, Magnetos S 500h inspection 0h, Fuel Injector SMOH 0h, Prop Governor SMOH 0h, Fuel Divider SMOH 0h, all rubber hoses 2020, engine pads 2020.
Trig radio 2017, Trig transponder 2017, New tires 2017, new brakes 2017, new light weight generator 2017, light weight battery (1.6 kg) 2017, Prop OH 2017, Strong parachute 2018.
40l belly mounted ferry tank.

Name: Pekka Havbrandt

Phone: +46727231220

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Eskilstuna Sweden

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2021-01-14

Price: 650000 SEK


  • Yak52
  • no plane
  • no plane

1980 Yak 52 TT1020 Motor-TSO171 Prop.TSO-188
luftvärdig 21-04-30

Name: Björn Larsson

Phone: +46705800819

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Location: ESOK

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-11-24

Price: 40000 EUR

Polaris fib ønskes kjøpt

Ønsker å kjøpe en polaris fib i grei stand

Name: Magne Helvig

Phone: 004790663885

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Bergen Norge

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-10-10

Price: 60000 SEK

Önskar köpa: X-klassat flygplan

Jag är på jakt efter ett experimentklassat flygplan i Sverige. Jag är öppen för alla förslag men ser gärna att det finns åtminstone två säten.

Skicka gärna ett mail eller sms!

Name: Dennis

Phone: 0737347805

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Stockholm

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-10-09

Price: Contact me

Wanted: Experimental a/c w. Lycoming 320 or 360

Looking for Experimental Single Engine Prop a/c with Lycoming O/IO-320 or O/IO-360 with remaining half TBO or minimum 1000 hours.

Name: Pär Erixon

Phone: +46736222670

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Göteborg, Sweden

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-09-01

Price: Contact me

Wanted ultralight

Offers good condition Ultralight.
Zlin savage, eurocub, foxbat a22
With or without floats.
Rotax 912 uls 100hp
Provide email with information and images.

Name: Ailu Magga

Phone: +358400177671

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Rovaniemi

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-08-20

Price: Contact me

Icarus C42-B -10

  • Icarus C42-B -10
  • no plane
  • no plane

Icarus C42-B 2010
Flottörer Full Lotus
Flygvärdig 2021-07-02
Ring för mer info

Name: Tomas Nilsson

Phone: +46702897033

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Sverige

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-08-10

Price: Contact me

Parts Tools Manualer

  • Parts Tools Manualer
  • Parts Tools Manualer
  • no plane

Läck tester 800:-, Clinometer 2000:-,Ny RPM ind 2000:-,Ny Klaffmotor pn C301002-0103 med form one Cessna 206 bla 3500:-.. Bat relä 12v, pn S-1579A2 nytt:-300:-. ny volt reg 12 v pn 130506 400:-.nytt vacumfilter pn EBG03-0001,1500:-. Ny poslight 1500:-.Heater vibrator ny pn 14E00-1 2000:-.Kåpa vingstötta Cessna pn 0523047-2-D70 600:-.Flasch tube Pn A470A-R 400:- st . land ligtht 12, 24 v 200:- st. Manualer parts cataloger call for price Cessna 150 152 172 182 Piper manual 28-140, 150, 160, 180, 235, 28R 235,28R 180, 28 R 200. Manual Piper Cub. Nyöversedd propp regulator Woodward pn 210355H 5000:-

Name: Hans Andersson

Phone: 0705261378

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Norrköping

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-08-02

Price: Contact me


  • PA28-140
  • PA28-140
  • PA28-140

Nu med 8,33 radio och mode S transponder
KX175B som nödradio och ILS mottagning
Sändningsknapp båda sidor
Dubbla höjdmätare
A/C time 3725 h
Eng time 1842 (2000) (3000 on cond priv)
New Corr control eng and wing
Cylinder topp värme underlättar vinterstart
Kabin värmeuttag
ARC mars 21

Name: Hans Roennevall

Phone: 0702147505

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Stockholm

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-06-26

Price: 295000 SEK

LillCub L4 - 1944

  • LillCub L4 - 1944
  • no plane
  • no plane

Hjul med Super Cub ställ. Bra komponent läge.
Total gångtid efter renovering ca 500 timmar. 
Flottörer Edo 1400, samt skidor finns. 
Motor O200 med startmotor.
Bara att flyga. 

Name: Verner Björnström

Phone: 070- 59 55 357

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Kiruna - Sweden

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-06-22

Price: Contact me

Evektor EV-97 Eurostar 2000R Ultralight

  • Evektor EV-97 Eurostar 2000R Ultralight
  • Evektor EV-97 Eurostar 2000R Ultralight
  • no plane

Low time Eurostar with convenient long range fuel tanks, total 115 liters. Perfect aircraft for travelling.
Always flown only by owners, no flight schools.

Always hangared.
TTAF: 894 hours
Engine Rotax 912ULS 894 hours SNEW
ICOM IC-A200 COMM, GTX320A xponder
Rotax FLYdat engine mon. system
Fresh Permit to Fly, valid until 2023.
Price is negotiable.

Located in Finland at Helsinki Malmi EFHF

Name: Timo Lahtinen

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Helsinki Malmi EFHF

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-05-05

Price: 35000 EUR

Beech Debonair

  • Beech Debonair
  • Beech Debonair
  • Beech Debonair

Beechcraft 35-B33 Debonair
c/n: CD-745 . 1964

Avstannat komplett projekt. Plåtren med mindre plåtjobb innan lack. Demonterad orginalmotor med bra vevaxel och vevhus kan säljas separat.
Finns i Linköping

Name: David

Phone: +46708999409

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Malmslätt

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-04-01

Price: 110000 SEK

Cessna 172 KÖPES!

OBS! Vi är bara intresserade av årsmodell 2000 eller senare
Ölands Flygklubb har en C 172, årsmodell - 80 som vi säljer om vi hittar rätt plan. CAMO servad

Name: Ölands Flygklubb, Hans Gerremo

Phone: 0703132395

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Borgholm

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-03-25

Price: Contact me

Piper PA 28-161

  • Piper PA 28-161
  • Piper PA 28-161
  • Piper PA 28-161

Airworthy untill 04.11.2020
TSN: 13400h
Lycoming o-320 TSO950
Full Camo suport
Full instrumented
Pls contact:

Name: Harald Sørensen

Phone: +4748282634

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Skien

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-03-02

Price: 73000 EUR

De Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth

  • De Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth
  • De Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth
  • De Havilland DH-82 Tiger Moth

Moth i mkt bra skick, LVD utförda, årstillsyn klar, instrumenten klara.

Name: Jan Malmgren

Phone: +46 705 622862

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Hallarod

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2020-01-07

Price: 500000 SEK


  • CH701
  • no plane
  • no plane

Söker en CH701, gärna flygande men även andra projekt kan vara intressant. Hör av er med vad ni har

Name: Roger

Phone: 0702417664

E-mail: Send e-mail

Location: Vansbro

Category: Airplanes

Date: 2019-12-29

Price: Contact me